Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #587

Home Spun comic strip #587

I had never known this little fact until my aunt pointed it out to me. This winter has been great for studying the rhododendron outside of our window. Those days when we could freeze bubbles, its leaves were so tightly curled they looked thinner than straws. I find it easier to check the rhododendron before going out than trying to find out what the current temperature is. When the leaves relax and open, I know I won't need as many layers to keep warm. Last Friday, the leaves were fully open as the temperature approached the high 60's. Now they are tightly wrapped again. I'm hoping it gets warmer tomorrow.


appleleaf said...

We have a great rhododendron walk in our local botanic gardens and as I love walking there, I know exactly what you mean. But as it never gets as cold where I live, I wonder if you would notice this effect even more.

Inner Elder said...

I love the joyous expression on the kids' faces in your last panel. I hope it gets warmer too. Love you, Mom

flmom said...

Very interesting! My kids are very much enjoying our warmer weather (we're already close to 90). We'd better enjoy all the outside time we can before it gets too warm. :)

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