Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #602

Home Spun comic strip #602

Yes, there was a real argument between Marina and my father about arguing. Marina doesn't remember the details, she tried to block it out when it was over. My father is good at arguing. He can argue about anything. Even arguing! It's likely Marina inherited some of her arguing skills from him. Of course, I like to think I helped a bit by handing her some good books on arguing. The Rulebook for Arguments by Anthony Weston is a straightforward guide, while Thank You for Arguing by Jay Heinrichs was funny (but geared more toward mature teens, so you might want to preview it before using it.)


Inner Elder said...

Buelo says that Marina is very logical. I agree. That's why she is bound to be good at Math. Love, Mom

Angel R said...

I know she would dust the floor with Seinfeld on debates about nothing. But she is just as good when it comes to logical argumnts about substance. Marina is an innate logician. Her logic goes into every area of her life, except snakes, maybe. I love her mind and beautiful soul. Love you all, Buelo

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