Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Home Spun comic strip #617

Home Spun comic strip #617

Description and pictures of a carnotaurus can be found at the Free Dictionary. Chase first heard about them from the movie Dinosaur, which came out in the midst of his dinosaur craze, but we didn't see it until it was available on video from our library. It was probably one of the last dinosaur movies he saw before his interests took him in other directions.

Our son's interests were so distinct, I could categorize them as eras: the Thomas the Tank Engine era, the Dinosaur epoch, the Dragon period, the age of Yu-Gi-Oh, the computer game era. The Dragon period was more of an arc bridging dinosaurs and Yu-Gi, and happened to coincide with our studies of the Middle Ages. Don't you love it when that happens?


Kez said...

Yep, that happens here too. Like the Ben 10 era, the Simpsons era, the Club Penguin era - currently we're on the Minecraft era. He hyper-focuses on one thing until he's absorbed all he wants, them onto the next. But then I do the same thing, so I can't blame him :)

Inner Elder said...

I did forget the dinosaur stage - that's a keeper. And the dragon stage. Love, Mom

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