Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interesting Article from an Old Friend

If you commented on my blog and I haven't returned comments in a while, I apologize. The last two months have been quite a wild ride of busy, with very few stops to stretch my legs, wave hello, go to the bathhroom, etc. In fact, I only recently caught up with the blog of a special friend of mine. She is special because she is the one who first turned my mind onto homeschooling and inspired me to start the grand adventure I have been on for fourteen years now. She moved away from the area, so I haven't seen her in years. She no longer homeschools, but she does still teach. In catching up on her blog, I found a wonderful article I wanted to share. It makes me think that there are many of us who come to homeschooling as a natural response to how we ourselves were raised. Some of us had parents that looked at education when we were kids and wanted to find innovative ways to make learning happen. Parents like my friend's Dad. You can read about his ideas in Buzz and My Dad.

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Inner Elder said...

Was that from Katie of "Katie and Dale"? Thanks for sharing her beautiful story. Love, Mom

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