Thursday, January 19, 2012

Home Spun comic strip #698

Home Spun comic strip #698


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Kez said...

I read your book cover to cover last night - loved it! I had a chuckle at so many of the comics - it was like you live in our house :)

Eclectic Education said...

Hello old friend! It's been awhile. Your cartoons are as funny and cute as I remember. I really need to get here more often. I've just been so busy lately. Good reading your cartoons again. :)


flmom said...

:) We've not seen any cardinals recently. Lots of robins though. I'm going to get our feeders cleaned out (shame on me) and fill them with sunflower seeds. The Big Backyard Bird Count is coming up soon!

Inner Elder said...

I think the cardinals are missing the snow this year - they look so good with a white background. TY for your awesome artwork. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading all your comic strips, but I have missed reading the commentsand commenting beause my omputer refused to go there. Why?, I don't know. When I lick on omments, it leads me to a plain blank page. I just double clicked and the page came up. In case it doesn't work again, all your comics and today's balancing content was enlivening.
Love, Dad

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