Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Home Spun comic strip #704

Home Spun comic strip #704


If you enjoy my comics, the first collection, No School Today? is available from these sellers:



call*me*kate said...

I loved your "path" puns! I would have been laughing! Kids sometimes don't appreciate good humor (I know from experience!) Hope that shoulder heals up soon. Oh, your book is still providing lots of laughs here. It moves around the living room from chair to sofa, etc. The situations are discussed among my kids, sometimes my input is ask for. Isn't that neat?! Have a great week - Kate

Eclectic Education said...

This sounds like my life! :)


Anonymous said...

That's the kind of alendar I need. Do you have a spare one for me?
Love it.
Love, Dad

flmom said...

LOL! My calendar is becoming quite full - moreso than I ever thought possible. I have to consult my day planner constantly.

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