Friday, March 23, 2012

Home Spun comic strip #723

Home Spun comic strip #723


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call*me*kate said...

We had the first warm weather of the year today and the ladybugs were out! In the house and on the deck, they were everywhere! I consider that a good sign. I think that was so sweet of your daughter to bring you a towel without being asked - that's a reflection on your parenting! Nicely done! I'm sorry you have so much reporting to do for your homeschooling but consider it a workout for your brain cells (sounds good, right?) How is Marina doing with college? Chad is waiting for his Winter term grad in the history class he's been taking and he has next week off, just in time to help Todd with the remodel! Enjoy your weekend - Kate

Inner Elder said...

I like the way that every experience can be a teachable moment. Love, Mom PS As always, great artwork!

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