Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On the Fence

Female Cardinal
A view from our window. Click on the bottom one for a bigger, more detailed view. I'm rather proud of it. I don't usually have great luck photographing the chickadee. As you can see, it gets a little surly when it has to pose for too long.
Male Cardinal



call*me*kate said...

These are terrific bird photos! I love chickadees, we often see the chestnut-backed chickadee flitting about in the tree outside a dining room window. I have always wanted to see a cardinal in real life! They do not come this far (perhaps they don't like the rain!) What does the cardinal sound like? The female cardinal looks (to me) sort of like a cedar wax wing, a very cool bird we see every so often. Thanks for sharing these photos - how exciting to get such great shots! - Kate
P.S. Facing our fear is not something I do very well. I'm more likely to run. And I thought age would improve that tendency - Hah!

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous!! :-)

Inner Elder said...

Love that little chickadee! Mom

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