Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our Wild Backyard

It's starting to feel like we don't even have to leave the house anymore to see wildlife. I hope that is proof that I've successfully created a backyard habitat. Here are some highlights from early spring through June.

The only blue birds I tend to see are blue jays. But early in spring we had the good fortune to be visited by an indigo bunting. Later in the season I spotted another one along the trailway I frequent. Never saw one before and then two in one season. Amazing! 

This rose-breasted grosbeak visited our feeders. It was late in the season for it to visit. Our crazy warm winter must have confused the birds.

We also had an amazing number of butterflies in May. Marina's chives were covered in Vanessa species, painted ladies and red admirals.

Our chipmunk showed up. In fact, we have seen a number of chipmunks this year. I hope they stay safe. I had to save this one from our cat, Hobgoblin. Sierra photographed it as I kept an eye on it to see if it was hurt. The chipmunk was fine.

As we reached June, our mammalian visitors increased in size. I spied our groundhog in June. He feasted on our broccoli. I named him (her?) Barclay after a character from Star Trek: TNG.

And then our most recent visitor made his appearance outside our front window. I only saw his hindquarters at first, and thought a golden retriever had strayed into our yard. Then the deer peered into the window right near Marina. Animals tend to wander up to gaze at her. It's like living with Snow White, except the animals don't do housework. Unfortunately.

Sierra managed to sneak outside and take pictures of him as he wandered around our yard, trimming my overgrown bushes. Hmm. I guess some animals do yard work, at least.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into our yard! Who knows what might show up next? I hear a bear was spotted a couple of towns over...


Inner Elder said...

Wow! Your yard is like a wildlife center and how great of you to notice and appreciate. Love the pictures! Love the thought about animals doing housework. If only. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

It looks like you have a homegrown nature center. I wonder what the spring in back of your house may be bringing forth?
Love ti,

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