Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home Spun comic strip #764

Home Spun comic strip #764 

Oh gosh, I'm sorry! My Tuesday schedule has been out of control lately and we had a power outage Tuesday night. I just realized I had never posted this strip. It's funny this particular strip was delayed, since the delay was caused by me being in the car most of the day, driving everyone where they needed to be.


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Kez said...

lol, too funny :) And yes, totally agree with the strip!

Inner Elder said...

Grins and a great analogy. Wait til Marina's in the driver's seat. Love, Mom

Vicki said...


Homeschooling ~ Unschooling SAVED me from all the driving! I so do NOT miss the extra early getting up, the scramble to make breakfast and pack lunches to then spend the next three hours delivering all the kids to their various schools each with at a different start time. Nope! Don't miss THAT at all!! Six hours a day just getting kids to and from school alone made homeschooling a much happier option, lol!

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