Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Home Spun comic strip #775

Home Spun comic strip #775

I do try not to say no, but baby bearded dragons are not cheap. That's how we ended up with anoles. Anoles are like the goldfish of the lizard world in that everyone says they are easy, but they are hard to keep alive. Our current anoles have been with us a couple of years, so I think we may be about ready for something that gets bigger. But I'm thinking I still need something that doesn't require rodents. I can barely deal with feeding crickets to these critters, and I have no fondness for crickets.

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call*me*kate said...

We are fish people so I do not have any advice to share. We did, however, find a small lizard in our yard one day (years ago). We quickly made a home for it in an unused beta tank and ran out to get food for it. It never moved, once we set it down in its new home. Bummer. That was sad to explain to my little daughter who was so excited to have a new pet. Anyway, hope you can find a lizard that fits the non-rodent requirement (I agree with you on that one!) I hope this new storm doesn't affect you much (you still have power, right?) Stay warm - Kate

jugglingpaynes said...

Are you sure it was a lizard? It sounds like it might have been a salamander. Salamanders don't tend to do well in captivity. And wild critters are more likely to stress in captivity. Our best anoles were raised by a woman who had a booth at our local Renaissance Fair. She had the most friendly little lizards I ever met. :o)

The second storm gave us a scary drive home from the college. A five minute trip took over an hour. Cars were sliding all over the road. Thankfully, we made it home safely.

Inner Elder said...

You are wise in teaching your children that they need to stay within a budget. It will serve them well and help them realize what they really want. And the anoles are really being enjoyed by your family. Love, Mom

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