Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sibling Togetherness

 They were cuddled on the couch together. I cherish these moments. I'm also grateful they have such a good relationship with each other. Still, it hasn't gotten any easier to get a good portrait-like shot of all three. Someone always looks down. Or somewhere else. But we have lots of laughs trying.
 My kids have always been lively at night. We never followed a rigid bedtime because they seem to have their best conversations after nine. Or ten. Sometimes they gather in my room, not noticing that their parents are tired, and other times they gather on the couch or in the girls' room. They discuss everything from movies to books to current events to projects they are working on. I consider it our greatest advantage as homeschoolers that we don't need to be up at a particular time to meet a school bus or get them ready for school. They have really had the time to build a close relationship with each other.

This particular night they were discussing Dungeons and Dragons. Marina recently learned how to be a Dungeon Master. She helped them set up their characters and has been creating adventures for them.

Too bad I cut them off here. Everyone was looking in the same direction.


Inner Elder said...

I love watching them interact with each other - there is real love there. And I enjoy our intergenerational discussions on such a variety of topics. Good work! Love, Mom

Paula Vince said...

I love this because it's just the same for us, the nocturnal hours being the most fertile for sibling bonding and good talks. I've had people say to me with shock, "The people down the street let their little kids stay up until eleven o'clock or midnight." I just shake my head, say, "Fancy that," and think it's good that they don't come into our place late at night.
Even our own relatives, who put their kids to bed before 8.30, think we're a bit weird.
You're right, it's a homeschooling advantage.

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