Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer--Homeschooling Style

Yesterday was our homeschooling group's park day. Everyone is trying to figure out what they will be doing this summer. I always look forward to summer because I always think of it in terms of my own childhood--school ends, vacation begins, and I finally have time to just relax. I have fond memories of those lazy days, free of the responsibility of homework and papers. I could daydream, play in the backyard, and swing in the hammock with a good book.

Homeschooling summers are notably different. This year, my time will likely be split between taking Marina to her things and Chase to his things. I think Sierra is planning things too. She asked me if it would be okay to call her friends and make arrangements for them to get together, that way she would free me from the planning stage and all I would need to do is figure out how to get her there. Simple.

My homeschooling summers seem to always follow the schedules of others. We used to get together every summer with several other families and the kids would put together backyard stage productions. As stressed as I was doing them, it gave me my first flirtations with unschooling. While earlier plays were directed by one of the parents, eventually the parents just spent time talking together while our children did everything from writing scripts to set design to directing. I'm not saying they were free of problems. Some of the kids made tough directors. We had our share of hurt feelings and, in later years, teen angst, but in spite of all, they pulled together some great performances.

These days, I follow the busy schedule of a daughter who is working and spending two weeks in England, a son who will have an apprenticeship working with a blacksmith and an internship in computer animation, and a preteen who wants time with her friends. You would think this would give me more time to myself, but I've already filled my own time with volunteer commitments to the library and the nature center. My yard and garden also needs more attention this time of year, and I usually take on one DIY project each summer. 

Hmmm...I should probably plan time for doing nothing. I miss having nothing to do.


Kez said...

You know - I want to be your kids! Both Marina's and Chase's activities sound so cool!!! (And I'm sure Sierra has something cool planned too!)

Anonymous said...

Tina - summer sounds alot like your school year - busy, busy, busy! Be sure to make time to relax. Maybe when Marina is in England and you have one less person to be some place. Love, Linda

call*me*kate said...

Your kids are so great! About that last post ... I LOVE how close they are! That is so terrific and one of the possible blessings of homeschooling (not every family is so fortunate). My kids are good friends, too, though cuddling on the couch usually doesn't last long (someone bops someone else on the nose, that kind of thing!) I suppose having two boys to one girl might have something to do with it. Anyway, it sounds like a great summer ahead for you and your family and I hope everything turns out better than expected. Looking forward to hearing updates. We ended our homeschool yesterday (Chad's last day - sniff) and we are all looking forward to summer. Chad's homeschool graduation ceremony is the end of June - and that's where my focus is now. Nearly forgot about Father's Day! Hope your husband has a good day tomorrow. How's the back, by the way? - Kate

Barbara Frank said...

Wow! Your kids are growing up so fast; lovely photos on your blog.

Re: nothing to do, this summer (two years after finishing homeschooling), I'm only sewing, gardening and reading....well, and cooking, cleaning, etc. It's a weird feeling after 30 years of child-rearing and homeschooling. But I'm getting used to it :)

PS Congrats on your book!

Inner Elder said...

You are all doing great! Having nothing to do isn't all it's cracked up to be. Love, Your Busy Mom

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