Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cambridge Trip, Part 10

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Today are some highlights from her final week at Cambridge. She visited the Museum of Classical Archeology, where she was able to see copies of Greek and Roman statuary. Still impressive, because some of the copies were from the 16th and 17th centuries. Some were plaster cast for art students to copy from and others were simply made for the gardens of the wealthy. She also visited the Wren Library at Trinity College and the mandatory tour of the Cambridge University Press. It was required because the Cambridge University Press sponsors their trip and offers two scholarships every year to the community college. Marina was one of the scholarship recipients for this trip.
Ariadne at the Museum of Classical Archeology.


The west pediment from the Temple of Zeus at Olympia, depicting the battle between Lapiths and centaurs.

Hestia Giustiani, a Roman copy of an early Classical Greek sculpture.

A grasshopper clock in Cambridge.

An Enigma Machine displayed after a plenary about Alan Turing and the Enigma Machine. (Plenaries are talks that all students may attend.) This device was used by the Nazis for coded messages that were considered unbreakable.

Trinity College, where Marina visited the Wren Library.

The courtyard at Trinity College.

Webbing in a fence.

The Cambridge University Press museum. I love these older printing presses. So ornate!

All of the presses were actually used.
A copy of Twelfth Night printed at the Cambridge University Press.

The Baskerville punches, designed by John Baskerville in the 1750s. He employed craftsmen to make thousands of punches to his own typographical designs.

A printer with the type set up for display.

They print a lot of signs and announcements.

A view of the Cambridge University Press museum.

One of the book presses. Notice the legs on the handle?

Back on the streets of Cambridge, an Ode to Tobacco on a building wall.

She bought fudge to bring home from this shop.

She thought we should see what her tea was like.

The chemists where she spent so much time her first week.

On her last day, Marina holds up her certificate of completion.

A Victorian era mailbox.

On the way back to the airport, they stopped to take pictures at the Prime Meridean. Here is Marina, split between east and west.

And that is finally the end of the Cambridge trip! Thank you for bearing with me through all of it. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Paula Vince said...

Those are awesome photos. It sounds like such a fantastic time. There's nothing like Britain, which still honours its past and has such a elegant Victorian feel about it in so many ways.

Chele said...

What a wonderful trip! Congratulations to Marina for winning the scholarship, and thanks to both of you for sharing the photos.

Inner Elder said...

Thank you for sharing all these great photos. Marina captures the whole of the trip - even showing us tea! This was great fun. Love, Mom/Grandma

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