Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cambridge Trip, Part 9

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I completely missed getting anything up yesterday, so I've decided to speed things up. I'll post everything small and if you want to have a look, you can click on any photo for the slideshow. I apologize if this makes my page load slower.

On Sunday of her London weekend, Marina met up with our friend Nai at the Victoria and Albert museum. Here are today's pictures:

Pandora. Marina liked how the fingers were positioned on the box.

The museum courtyard. These hydrangeas reminded her of home.
A Chihuly chandelier.

A display of choir gates from Hertfordshire Cathedral.

A display of biscuit tins.

A model of a carriage from the time of George III.
The David Bowie exhibition.

Marina and Nai liked this chest of drawers.

Marina said this photo does not do justice to how glittery this jewel encrusted snuff box is.

This is a cup. The head tips back to drink and there is a whistle in the base. The thought is that it was used in drinking games.

Metal lions.

There was a display of Beatrix Potter drawings along with photos of items she sketched in the museum.

A rhinocerous costume for a play called--what else--"The Rhinocerous."
A marionette display.

A diorama of the inner workings of a theatre.

A mask display.

Costumes from the Lion King.
After they left the museum they passed this musician on the way to Kensington Palace.
We are fans of the show "Selfridges," so Marina stopped by the department store. Unfortunately, it was also closed.
One of the famous Selfridges windows, this one decorated for the recent birth of Prince George (he was born a day or two after she arrived in England.)

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Inner Elder said...

thank you for the photo tour of the V&A. Loved seeing the Chihuly. It looks like a fun museum. Love, Mom

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