Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cambridge Trip: TonightA's Ten, Part 8

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Some more of the London weekend. Here are tonight's ten.

A pigeon outside of Westminster Abbey. I always encourage my kids to take photos of the local wildlife.

A clock on St.Margaret's Church. Marina is not sure how it tells time.

A statue of Churchill.

She passed a rally on the way back to the hostel. She didn't stay too long after more police arrived.

A guard at Buckingham Palace.

A statue of Diana at the hunt in Green Park.

She went to church on Saturday evening. There was a wedding right before mass started.

She found a toy museum on the map and tried to visit it on Sunday, but it was closed.

Next to the toy museum was a theatrical print shop, also closed.

A paper theater on display in the window of the theatrical print shop.

 And that's tonight's ten. Tomorrow, the Victoria and Albert museum!

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