Monday, August 19, 2013

Cambridge Trip: Today's Ten, Part 3

If you missed the beginning:
The link for Part 1
The link for Part 2

On her first Tuesday she went to Kings' College Chapel, but she forgot her camera. She was really upset about that. On Wednesday she walked to a knitting store on the edges of Cambridge, a 45 minute walk out, but well worth it. The store, The Sheep Shop, wasn't busy that day. She was the only one there. The owner offered her some tea while she browsed. She came home with skeins of hand dyed British wool and British alpaca yarn that had photos and bios of the alpaca the yarn came from. Here is today's ten:

She loved the gardens at St. Catharine's.

The bell over the Sherlock courtyard entrance.

A larger view of the archway.

Like me, she enjoys a beautiful garden! Her room's window is on the brown building, the top right corner.

She went walking to a Cambridge knitting store on her first Wednesday and found this bike and walking path.

This was in the window of the Cambridge University Press bookstore.

The view from her room.

The Mathematical Bridge. She passed it every day on her way to the history and divinity buildings. It is built to hold together without being bolted in place.

Of course, it was still bolted because while it could take downward pressure it was not designed for side to side pressure. Twisting pressure could cause it to fall to pieces, maybe from a punt hitting it or a windstorm? It's for insurance purposes, the bolts really don't have any pressure on them.

The Cambridge Botanic Garden, where she attended a garden party for students on Thursday. (More on this in Parts 4 and 5.)

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Keeley said...

I'm loving these pics. What a great trip. =)

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