Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cambridge Trip: Today's Ten, Part 4

If you missed the beginning:
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On her first Thursday, a garden party was planned for students to celebrate 90 years of the program. Marina also began to feel sick. By the time I awoke and opened Facebook, I had several messages from her. She couldn't find tissues. What should she take? She had a runny nose, headache, and sore throat. She had already been to the pharmacy (chemist) and she couldn't find what she needed. I think she needed me, because she never actually asked someone in the chemist shop where she could find tissues and such. I gave her instructions and told her to ASK FOR HELP.

The garden party was twenties themed. Had they told her this before she left, she might have put together a better costume. As it was, she used what she had packed, picked up a peacock feather clip, and researched twenties hairdos. Here are today's ten:

Marina at the garden party at the Botanic Garden.
Having grown up visiting the New York Botanical Garden, she found the greenhouse rather small.
They had a jazz band.
A fountain in the center of the park, where she waited for a tour of the gardens.
She liked the shadow effects.

Marina knows I like to see the local wildlife. She had many pictures of the bumblebees and explained how they looked different from the ones we are used to.
A close-up of the fountain.

A beautiful quote on a bench.
A house built by a student who was instrumental in buying extra land for the garden.

The laboratories where studies are done on everything related to plants.
 More Botanic Garden photos in Part 5!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope Marina wasn't sick for very long? As I know, nothing spoils a trip like a cold. Love, Linda

Inner Elder said...

I love Marina's photos. The one of the shadows is great. What a gorgeous fountain - I could lose myself in dreaming sitting next to it. Love, Mom

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