Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cambridge Trip: Today's Ten, Part 5

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I'm finding that the fatal flaw with only post ten photos per day is that Marina has so many good photos I want to share. I'm still only in the second folder and there are four more folders of pictures. Yikes! I may need to post two sets of ten for the rest of the week just to get everything done before she leaves for college.

These photos are from the tour of the Cambridge Botanic Garden. Because she was sick the day of the garden party, she had planned to just make an appearance and then head back to the dorm to sleep, but the garden was so beautiful and the tour was so interesting she stayed for almost the entire time.

The garden was originally planted with medicinal herbs by monks. It was later expanded and organized by a tutor of Charles Darwin, so you will find plants grouped by their families (genus?) in sections. There are species near each other that evolved in different places so they look very differ from each other. 

Part of the daisy section, which was part of a section where seedlings emerge with two leaves.

Mistletoe growing on a small hemlock. Usually mistletoe grows on large trees, so this was done for visibility.
Part of fen garden.

Another view of the fen garden.
A view of the rock garden.

The Dawn Redwood, a fossil tree, the first in the UK.

Weeping willows.
A pretty silhouette.

A view from the rock garden overlooking the marshy areas.

Close-up of a plant in the rock garden.

Bonus photo: The entrance to the Botanic Garden.

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Inner Elder said...

Just catching up with all of Marina's pix. This Botanical Garden is very educational. Would love to visit it some day - along with Kew. Love, Mom

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