Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cambridge Trip: Tonight's Ten, Part 6

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At the end of the first week, Marina would leave Cambridge to spend the weekend in London. This was an enlightening experience for her. She has a greater amount of gratitude for her grandma and her aunt who took her on European vacations and paid for the incidentals. As she put it, when you are paying for your own meals, you really think about whether you are that hungry.  She also booked a room at a hostel near the British Museum and ended up sharing it with another student. That way she was able to save a little money.

She planned to meet with a friend of ours on Sunday. Marina told me she was feeling better, but since I was not there, I wanted to be sure. I asked our friend, Nai, to find out how Marina was really doing and gave Nai full permission to pull the "mom card" if my daughter looked like she needed to rest or see a doctor. It's good to have friends where your children are traveling. Here is today's second set of ten:

Walking back to the dorm room from the Botanic Garden.

Sunset on the first Thursday.

The window frames and shadows inside the history building, where she took half of her classes.

The history building library.

I'll bet you didn't know you need to use Platform 9 3/4 to get from Cambridge to London!

Marina room in the London Hostel.

The British Museum.

The clocktower of Big Ben.

Heading toward Westminster Abbey. This was her goal for Saturday. The clouds are beautiful going in. Coming out would bring the rain.

Westminster Abbey with St. Margaret's Church in the foreground.

That's ten for tonight! I'm having my doubts about getting through all of these pictures!

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Inner Elder said...

It was my delight to introduce Marina to Europe. She is a wonderful traveling companion and I hope I get a chance to do a trip with her in the future. Love, Mom/Grandma

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