Monday, December 2, 2013

What if There was a Sale and Nobody Came?

I get excited about Christmas, too. I remember my happiness at being able to pick a toy from the Sears catalog, back when it was as big as the phone book. I remember finding gifts my mother hid and begging to open them early. It didn't matter that I always had birthday presents three weeks before Christmas, I still wanted to know what was in those shiny wrapped boxes. I was impatient and possibly a bit greedy too.

Stores seem to be impatient, as well. Christmas season starts well before the last bag of candy corn is sold. Thanksgiving has always been a speed bump in the race for profits. This year, many of the biggest stores decided they would no longer allow a day of gratitude to stand in the way of their bottom line. I was appalled that many of my own favorites were ready to pull families from their meals by 4PM. And the customers came, lured by the promise of heavily discounted merchandise and ready to fight for that large screen TV.

That's the problem, you see. People come. My theory is that the Black Friday (and now Black Thursday) sales appeal to our most primitive need to hunt. Not all of us are cut out for bringing down the mammoth, but we can bring home that kitchen appliance and hold it up before our family declaring, "It was a good hunt!"

I've never been into shopping on Black Friday. I spent the day laughing with my family, baking cookies, reading, and we watched some television shows that Marina has missed since she started living on campus. I do shop on Small Business Saturday. This year I went to my favorite independent bookseller, The Voracious Reader. I'm happy to support them.

But I don't want to support stores that don't have the decency to close on Thanksgiving. I may be one small voice, I may be completely alone in this boycott, but it is something I feel strongly about. I've been doing some research, checking store Facebook pages, and noting which ones closed on Thursday. They will be getting my business this Christmas season. I am happy to support stores that allowed their employees to enjoy Thanksgiving. I'll go back to shopping at the others in January, but I will watch carefully to see who decides to open next Thanksgiving.


Inner Elder said...

I was appalled that so many stores opened on Thanksgiving. But sadly, you are correct - if no one came, the stores would not open. I wonder how people can be buying gifts for those they "love" but not spend time with the same loved ones on one day a year. I suspect most people are buying for themselves - the thrill of the hunt, as you say. You are stronger than I am, boycotting the stores. I certainly won't shop on Thanksgiving or Black Friday either, but I just can't stay away from my favorites for all of December. Love, Mom

Inner Elder said...

Hey Tina, I notice you haven't posted any blogs since this one. Is it because you are incredibly busy (I know you are). Or does this mean I have to go on Facebook? Love, Mom

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