Monday, July 21, 2014

To Do: Make a Lounge Chair Appointment

One of our cats has a daily need to go outside. She follows me out when I tend to the garden. Her routine is pretty simple these days. I suppose her eleven years have slowed her down some. The first stop is at the tree, where she stretches up and digs her claws in, scratching with all her strength. Then she strolls onto the lawn and pulls at some grass until I take pity on her mostly toothless grip and break off some leaves for her to chew on. After that, it's time to head over to the lounge chair. Yes, lounge chair. I suppose when you reach a certain age, you want comfortable support under you, not the gritty, rocky surface of sidewalk or lawn. She lays there, alternating between sleep and nature watching, until she realizes we forgot about her and went inside. Then she begins to mew. Depending on her mood, that means she wants to come in, or she wants us to come out and enjoy the day with her.

My cat has a routine.

My own routines are scattered to the wind lately. I think it started last summer when my son got his internship and things have only gotten worse since I started working in June. My husband could at least pick up some of the pieces--grocery shopping, making dinner, driving the family around--but then he landed some temporary work the beginning of July (YAY!) and suddenly life became a whole lot more complicated. He works from home, but he can't always leave when he wants, or make time for cleaning dishes or making dinner.

It doesn't help that I don't yet have a regular schedule at the library. There are days when I feel like a Minuteman, ready at a moment's notice to head in. And I know that is a good thing. I must be doing well if they are calling me in so much. This month, I also had the stress of doing juggling and balloon workshops. The library asked me to add in some science facts to align the workshops with the summer reading game's theme for this year.

Some have asked me how I will manage homeschooling now. The fact is, that is the easiest part of my life. I only have my youngest to report, and she is always learning. Come September, I will need to check in with her to find out what she's been up to so I can write it down.

So much to do. I know some things must fall to the side or be given to others to do. I have trouble giving up control. I still handle the wash and I'm still hanging it all to dry since our dryer is useless. Honestly, I miss making dinner regularly. I also miss having a clear living room to exercise in. My hope is that once my workshops finish up this week, I will be able to establish some new routines in August.

Maybe I can even set aside some time for lounging.

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Inner Elder said...

Put the lounging on top of your list. You deserve some nature watching, lazing time. Love you, Mom

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