Friday, August 8, 2014

Update on our Life

Some of my readers wondered how my family is doing. I figured I would post an update.

My husband has work! It is temporary for now, through September, but hopefully they will hire him for longer term. We will take any well wishes, thoughts, prayers, or crossed fingers that they keep him on. He is also working from home. This is good and bad. On the bad side, I've had to give up part of my bedroom to the home office. We have little room to spare. On the plus side, having him home gives me an easy answer for those awkward questions of "How will you continue to homeschool while working?" Much easier to say someone is home with my youngest than try to explain that we don't really follow school hours.

Marina and I are working regularly at the library. It's neat to carpool with my daughter. I'll miss this when she heads back to university the end of the month. I am getting the hang of clerking, although the circulation desk is still anxiety-provoking for me. Every time I'm at the desk, there seems to be a new and unusual problem. It keeps me on my toes. Which is why I prefer working in the back, checking in library materials. I like knowing I can handle things without asking my supervisor for help every five minutes. I also enjoy the children's room. Kids make me smile.

My son continues interning at the Digital Arts Experience. He also helped me run a few workshops this summer teaching juggling and balloon sculpture. And I think he is now my height or a little taller. I'm not sure. He slouches.

Sierra has been volunteering at the nature center. I help her to clean cages and feed the menagerie there. She's become adept at handling the hedgehog, doves, turtles, and chinchillas. We haven't lost one yet. She is also really good at giving food and water to the hissing cockroaches, a task that turns my stomach every time. I'm afraid one of them might crawl up my arm when I take their dishes out. She doesn't even flinch when they hiss because she needs to push them aside to set the bowls down. She's a brave girl, that one.

That's about it for now. We are really grateful for all the support everyone has given us, in our solid and virtual lives. Your positive vibes kept us on track through the uncertainty, and I feel honored--blessed--to know so many kind and caring people. I have some posts in my head, and as soon as I have some time and energy I plan to write them down.

Please forgive any errors as the cat has taken to laying in front of my screen when I sit at the computer. This makes proofreading a challenge.


Mrs. A said...

So glad to hear your update! Sounds like everyone is doing great. I had to laugh at the 'he slouches'. Very glad to hear about your husband's work. All positive thoughts focused on them wanting to take him on permanently. Thinking of you all lots!

Susan Gaissert said...

It was good to read about everyone's doings. I too will be sending positive vibes for permanent work. I am living vicariously as a library aide (a longtime dream of mine) through you, so when it's tough, picture me there beside you. xo

Inner Elder said...

I am very proud of all of you, the way you've handled this crisis. You know I am always here for you. Love, Mom

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