Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A New Year and a Couple of Resolutions

I hope everyone is enjoying a bright New Year! We celebrated ours quietly at home after an afternoon with my parents. 2015 was tiring for me. I don't feel like I'm getting the hang of working and homeschooling and the general housekeeping stuff. I'm not complaining. I love all that I do, but I don't get a lot of breaks from it all. It saps my creative energy.

That said, I do try to make  time for my art. Aside from my model of the Little Prince, I help design and set up the window displays for the Children's Library. I also sketched a portrait of my cousin and her fiance to give them for Christmas. And I designed my Christmas cards, a feat that surprised me.

This is the window right now. I kept the last design I did and added to it to make it an enchanted forest.
I plan to write more this year. I miss working on my blog. Life ebbs and flows with waves of busy. Sometimes it's all I can do to keep my head above water. I know that writing helps me to sort myself out, and it is important to make time for things that help keep you grounded. That will be my first resolution: Write on this blog every week.

My only other resolution is to take time to meditate every day. I figure that even if I can only spend five minutes doing it, it's five minutes more than I was doing. I found some simple guided meditations on YouTube and I can do it on my own as well, thanks to years of practicing yoga. Doing too much often makes me panic, and I really don't have time for panicking. Taking a moment to stop and simply focus on breathing in and out helps me to remain calm when I feel overwhelmed.

And now I will put on my mom voice and ask: How are you taking care of yourself?


Paula Vince said...

Sounds like you've had a fairly rough year, in terms of time management and spreading yourself too thin.
I'm glad to hear that you intend to blog more often again, as I enjoy your blog.

Inner Elder said...

Well, I now know why I've missed so many of your blogs. Will be sure to check in every time I come on my computer like I used to. Love, Mom

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