Sunday, July 3, 2016

Baby Dragons Cake

 It was cool enough before my husband's birthday to bake this. He's really into Game of Thrones (and trying to convince me to read them). All I know about the book is that there is a character who raises dragons. That sounded cool (or hot?) so I figured I would do the baby dragons on a cake.
 It's hard to tell them apart on the cake. They are all wings, necks, and tails crowded together. I used mini cake pans and cut the shapes of heads, necks, bodies, and tails out of the small cakes. The cake is a velvet cake recipe that I turned into a chocolate velvet cake. It had a nice dense crumb that really held together. I used melted chocolate to cover the bodies and hold the pieces together. My daughter made the different colored wings with a basic sugar cookie recipe. They all sit on a single layer base cake. I had two extra mini cakes, so I spread them out a little more and added the "Cake is coming" sign. Frosted and decorated with whipped cream frosting.

It's easier to see the dragons once we moved them to separate plates. They are like weirdly shaped, inside-out Ring Dings®.
The yellow winged dragon is grooming. I liked the positioning of it.
Poor red dragon broke a wing in process. I fixed it as best I could using chocolate for glue. After two days working on it, I really didn't want to do anything else to it.

They were quickly gobbled up.

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Inner Elder said...

Thank you for your cake art and the chance to eat it up! Love, Mom

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