Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Gingerbread Carousel

The girls put this together. My oldest designed it and did most of the building while her little sister did most of the decorating. The actual gingerbread baking was a team effort. They crushed lollipops to get the glass effect in the cut-outs and used Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes and pretzel sticks for the poles and supports. I tried to help at the start, but then realized it would be better if I backed off (emotions were high during the roof raising.) Sometimes you need to let your temperamental artists work through their process.
Click on a photo to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! How gorgeous! Both are very talented - and definitely take after their mother in the creative baking department. Love Aunt Linda

Inner Elder said...

A work of art, like all you do! My heart broke when you cut it. But it was delish! Love, Mom/Grandma

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