Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Impossible Cake

For my birthday, I attempted an "Impossible Cake". 

I think it came out well.


 The Impossible Cake is a cake with flan that you bake together in one Bundt pan. Seriously, the hardest part about making it was opening the cans of evaporated milk and dulce de leche. My can opener cuts along the side of the can lid. For some reason, it couldn't do anything with these cans. I had to resort to using the can opener on my daughter's Swiss Army knife. Even then, I had to mangle the dulce de leche can to get the caramelized milk out.

The impossible of the cake is that you layer in the ingredients starting with the dulce de leche, then the cake batter, and finally the custard mixture. As it bakes, the cake switches places with the flan and ends up as the top layer. When you turn it out onto the platter, the cake is the base with the flan on top. I squeezed more dulce de leche on top and drizzled some chocolate ganache over it as well.

Luckily, I read the comments for the cake before starting. Many people said that it needed to bake for 90 minutes instead of 60. I timed it for 80 minutes and still ended up giving it another 5 before the wooden skewer came out clean. I also made sure I put my foil nice and tight over the cake pan. I didn't put boiling water in the roasting pan (the cake pan sets in this while baking) and I didn't have any problems with the flan thickening. I did leave it to set on the counter for an hour or so and then refrigerated it overnight before unmolding it. That might have made a difference. I did set it in boiling water for five minutes to soften the caramel before turning it onto the plate. It popped out without much trouble.

This was a pretty simple cake with good results. I would definitely make it again. But I'll need a better can opener next time.


Anonymous said...

Tina - all your cakes always look delicious! Hope you had a great birthday. Love, Linda

Inner Elder said...

It was delicious. I still remember. I'd love to know the scientific reason for the switching. Love you Mom

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