Friday, August 31, 2018

Life After Homeschooling - A Catch Up Post

This is the first year I don't have to report anyone. After twenty years, I am done. No more quarterly reports or IHIPs. Finished.

This has been a difficult final year, made more difficult by a part time job at the library and my youngest child's anxiety issues. To summarize the last year and a half, we had a good therapist, she left, and now we have another therapist. There have been improvements, but it is a process, two steps forward and one step back. Add to that the uncertain nature of our health care and it has been quite a ride.

I enjoy the library. It's nice to be surrounded by books. I split my time between different areas, so I don't get bored. The front desk is hardest for me as I always second guess myself, which is not the best way to be when you have an angry patron who can't understand how they accumulated so many fines. The children's room is my favorite place to be. I work alongside the librarians to help kids find that book that will light their love of reading, and I reassure parents that their kids will be fine even if they aren't reading at a particular level. I also make seasonal displays. Here is the display I made for the summer reading game, Libraries Rock!

This summer I spent time at the Teen Desk as well. Just so you know, teens are awesome. They are also loud at times, like when they are playing games. I was there to keep the peace. It was nice. They have such incredible energy, and if you can direct it, they will make you proud.

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