Saturday, December 29, 2018

A Milestone and a New Project

Another year is almost finished. This year I turned 50. It's pretty neat to reach the half century mark. I think of it as a new beginning, a chance to throw off the second stage of my life where I spent my time being a mother of young children, teaching them, hoping I'm doing everything right. Now they need me more as an advisor. I'm enjoying working at the library and going back to my artwork. Lately I've been working on a group project with other creative people (including my oldest). It's called the Arc of the Moral Universe: a Notebook Project. Each of the participants keeps a journal for a year. In it, we interpret the theme however we choose. Some are writing, some drawing, some are doing a mix of both. My own interpretation is that the Arc bends around the heart of humanity. We find our moral center through our shared humanity, and one of the ways we connect is through music. When I hear a song, sometimes a lyric will get me thinking. Images appear. And that's been my inspiration. Here is a small peek into my book so far.

 This first drawing uses the lyrics from Mother and Child Reunion sung by Paul Simon.
 The next drawing was inspired by lyrics from Big Yellow Taxi sung by Joni Mitchell.
This drawing uses lyrics from Oh Very Young sung by Cat Stevens

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