Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home Spun comic strip #482

Home Spun comic strip #482


call*me*kate said...

Tonight my daughter helped make dinner for the first time, using quite a bit of energy and effort. At bedtime, she said, "Mom, you must be tired. Making dinner wore me out!" Finally, someone who understands! Hopefully, she'll grow up wanting to be a Mom, even though she sees the (mostly) good/bad/ugly of it all!

About HSB - I tried to log on with my old password and it promptly scolded me for attempting such a thing. I clicked where it said to go for them to send me a new password - and they did. After logging on, I was at my "Dashboard" (I think) and clicked "Settings", where you can change your password. Got all that?!! Then I tried to download a photo for my avatar. Didn't work. And all my friends have disappeared! I don't know. Blogspot seems so much less complicated. We'll see if I stay at HSB though I still love that it is all homeschoolers.

Have a good Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Children just feel and live the moment. That's one of their greatest qualities. As adults,we think so much that we create imaginary jungles full of overpowering creatures that are ready to destroy us. Stop thinking and start feeling.
live and enjoy the moment.
I love the comic and you,

flmom said...

The wisdom of children. :)

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