Saturday, April 5, 2008

Voila! My Scar!

In my defense, I just thought he should play outside on such a lovely day.

Chase had a little accident. He's OK, and I'm sure he's learned his lesson.

Today's lesson: Do not let your friends use your bow and arrows without permission.
Corollary: Ever.

You see, it was not the first time I've given this lesson, but sometimes experience is a better teacher. After this latest adventure, I'm sure it was drilled to speak. An arrow glanced off his cheek and he needed three stitches. I will reiterate for the relatives reading: He's fine. It's a small cut, not even enough for him to look like Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride. (He joked about looking like Inigo.)

What I don't understand is he knows the rule. It's been in place since another visitor inadvertently shot an arrow into the neighbors yard. That arrow was lost to the thick mat of English ivy. My kids sometimes lose the power to say no to their friends. Peer pressure is a problem I thought I wouldn't have. After all, these are well adjusted, homeschooling kids! I even allow them to blame me! Just say, "Mom won't let me use the arrows unless she or dad are watching." And still, they are kids. They reason as kids.

I remember when Marina was seven. She went to a pool party and almost drowned because she couldn't swim. We didn't realize the pool had no shallow end. Before she went in the pool, she was asked if she could swim. She said yes. I asked her why she would say this when it wasn't true. Well, the other kids said yes, and she had had lessons, so...she must be able to swim. The logic of young minds.

My husband and I were both outside in another part of the yard when Chase was showing his friend how to use the bow. He said he told her to aim into the ground, but she was distracted by her sister. If I follow this logic, he wasn't using the target or even showing her how to shoot at any distance, so there was no need to ask permission.

I am very grateful that the arrow didn't hit an inch higher. The arrows have been hidden away so that there will not be a temptation to use them without permission. Life is good. Lesson is (hopefully) learned.



B&B said...

Oh my! Wow.

Christina, that was too close!

Keeley said...

Wow, scary!!! A bit higher and things could have been quite messy....

OTOH, he'll have a very attractive scar and a good story to tell his children... =)

TobyBo said...

Oh, my. Is his friend a good enough shot to get the other cheek and complete the Inigo look? (makes me think of William Tell.)

Spinneretta said...

OUCH! Oh well, sometimes we HAVE to learn by doing! I do think it seems to be boys that do the 'learn by doing' part more often though... by the time he was my daughter's age, my son had already had two hospital visits, and several stitches!
It makes me think of that TV Ad where everything is wrapped in bubble wrap... if only!

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